“You are actually speaking very little of math.”

Posted on March 21, 2007


On one hand, life is a lot like math. On the other hand, life is rarely a formula.

Inasmuch, when the variables and numbers are starting to walk away from the equation and off the page, it is mathematician that needs to retrace their steps to see where they went wrong.

If the problem is not factoring correctly, this is just the time to rewind, and ask the variables where they fit best. Glazing over problems will not solve them.

“Life is not egocentric. Look beyond what you can see.”

If you do not handle the problem correctly, if you do not view your results in the right manner, you will staunch the variables and x, y, and z will be so much less than they ever could be.

You should not expect them to keep quiet for much longer. They will either speak, or disappear and leave a hole in your equation. If they do speak, they will speak of the mathematician. At this point if the mathematician places the blame on the variables, they will cry, reach up their serifs and say, “But we are only variables!”

They are looking for their value. They are in search of their faces. If the mathematician forever accuses them of not finding their faces themselves, how shall they learn to play their proper roles? Of course their journey through the problem is not entirely dependent on the mathematician, but at the beginning of a problem even the variables inside a division problem do not know what to do with themselves. They are to be raised, nutured, cultivated, and cherished so that they learn to find the way through the problem themselves.

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