Notes parading with sleepy songs

Posted on May 19, 2007


1. The rest of the house is asleep. I’m making the most of the moment’s peace because my mind, unlike everything else, is not at rest.

2. I have the sweetest, most gentle tunes playing; could lull flowers to sleep. They are helping me be at ease–something I haven’t been very much lately.

3. Sean Watkins must be one of the most amazing musicians alive.

4. Folk music is a dream of mine I just might have to pursure sometime in my life. And if it’s possible to fall in love with a genre . . . I’m head over heels. It’s the kind of music that lines up with my soul.

5. I had a horrible nightmare a week or two ago. I had just gotten home from work and I felt the need to take a nap. The moment I laid down I fell hard into a disturbing sleep. I told the phantom that was following me around in the dream that I would not listen to him again. I won’t even go into the symbolism of that . . . Just understand: it’s progress.

6. I learned never to throw an off-suit ace in Euchre.

7. For once in my life I realize the value of not selling myself.

8. If I were outside of myself, I’d tell myself, like Sean Watkins has said, “Pay no attention to the monsters that come ahead of their time.”

9. My writing is suffering due to my schedule. Hopefully I’ll take some real time soon and produce something more effective (productive) than this.

10. Until then.