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All That I Can’t Keep

June 21, 2007


Maybe we’ll spend the rest of the season drinking coffee too late in the evening, watching and chasing the space station through the crisp darkness, talking about skies without roofs, and giving curt farewells while making small dents in our memory. Advertisements

Pockets of twilight, pockets of fear, pockets of crickets to hold to your ear.

June 14, 2007


Yesterday was full of sensations that one usually only encounters on rare occasions, and when they do appear they form small pockets in the day that come on like a dull headache. To experience many in one day? A definite head(heart)ache. The look of intense anger and passive frustration written all over a face, seeing […]

Okay? So you have your coffee?

June 11, 2007


Why are you back in the kitchen? Some might say I don’t give people enough credit. On the other hand, I think people tend to give themselves too much credit.

Clapping to the song the summer air sang between our hands.

June 7, 2007


I’m sitting on my front porch at about 9pm. The warm, clean, summer air wraps itself around me for a moment, and then soars up to keep the heavens above me alive. The lines of flowers in the yard and the outlines of the trees from the forest across the street have deep blue light […]