Pockets of twilight, pockets of fear, pockets of crickets to hold to your ear.

Posted on June 14, 2007


Yesterday was full of sensations that one usually only encounters on rare occasions, and when they do appear they form small pockets in the day that come on like a dull headache. To experience many in one day? A definite head(heart)ache.

The look of intense anger and passive frustration written all over a face, seeing a pair of brown eyes that seem to have walked out of a photograph, a summer mid-morning that smelled like the last day of school, the look of the sand by the lake hanging about in great mounds beneath the swings, the sound of a voice with the smallest undercurrent of being disturbed, a hand running down my arm after a hug, the blue twilight permeating the van as we almost glided, the feeling of the evening air washing over my face as city lights passed by drowning in the first crepuscular stages, the feeling of crying creeping into my throat as I lashed out against what I’m fighting, being wrapped in my down comforter and imparting deep fears and wonderings that I let next to no one ever hear…

Just small things that wrap together to become some kind of bittersweet whisper.