The Unbeknowst Sailor

Posted on October 10, 2007


I can barely see your face right now but I know you are there on the other side of the window. I can see the traces of your face and I’m sure I am no stranger by now since my windshield and windows are clear.

I have to wonder about you. Who are you? What things in life do you chase after? What do you get up in the morning for? How long have you been sitting across the parking lot and what are you waiting for?

(Strange, I know.)

When you look through the sheets of glass into the landscape around you, what do you see?

The sun is warm coming in through the window and the air is colder than it has been in at least a week.

Maybe you are the captain of the sailboat in our imaginations. You might be lost in memory and you can’t quite seem to escape.

“Hello, I’m clueless, have we met?”
“No, and if we have I might not tell you. How’s the coffee?”
“Coffee? Oh. This?”
“Yes. Washes down bittersweet memories well.”
“I trade bitter for sweet. Sweet for sour. Sour for nothing.”
“And salty?”
“Salty is for the ocean in the back of my mind.”

Maybe you are a soul wilting in the sun and fading in the cold. Maybe you have the fire within you that has enough light and warmth to keep the rest of us warm and set the world on fire. Maybe you are just one more face. Perhaps I will never speak to you again and it would be alright with both of us. Perhaps you’ll never remember.

You won’t ever read this, so what does it matter?

For now, you’re the captain of the sailboat that has its anchor down in the sand of this parking lot, even though you’ll never know and you’ll never remember.