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The Window Washer

November 30, 2007


Lengthen your life like a shadow A blue one that creeps into a quiet Greek cafe on Sunday afternoon Lengthen your life and shorten how time goes by Make poems last longer and the bittersweet transform quicker into beauty A slow afternoon Watching worlds pass by A window washer taking the February afternoon one gust […]

I’m it?

November 22, 2007


IĀ got tagged! My friend Melissa tagged me. I now need to post a link back to who first tagged me, a list of seven random or odd things about me, and list of who I want to tag next. Here goes. 1. If cilantro is being cut for meals when I’m in the room it […]

A morning for the exploding!

November 19, 2007


(Know that I’m talking to several people at once. Almost every “you” in here is different from the one before it.) Something about last night reminded me of December a few years back. Your hands kept mine warm as we walked through the hidden, slumbering, snowy neighborhoods. We talked about pain and the few situations […]

Goodnight Hollow, Goodbye Spineless

November 6, 2007


There’s something about the first snow, and something about waking to a silent house that looks out on a chilly downtown that is still softly lit with the grey light of early morning. Somehow it represents something different to me this year. A new chapter is opening, a new story is being written. It differs […]