I’m it?

Posted on November 22, 2007


I got tagged!

My friend Melissa tagged me. I now need to post a link back to who first tagged me, a list of seven random or odd things about me, and list of who I want to tag next.

Here goes.

1. If cilantro is being cut for meals when I’m in the room it gives me a migrane. It doesn’t bother me once it’s in the food, and I’m not allergic to the herb at all. I just cannot be in the room while it’s being cut.

2. I’m double-jointed.

3. I don’t like hearing about what dress so-and-so is wearing at the the major award ceremonies, but I love watching runways and fashion shows.

4. I am a terrible person to watch tv with. I mock almost everything.

5. I have seriously considered Marketing simply so I can improve the advertising industry. Commercials, specifically.

6. If I could pick two photography subjects to fill my house with, it would be marina photography and pictures of old manufacturing plants.

7. If I ever met Chris Thile in person, I think I would die. In the best fan-girl-way possible.

I tag M, Kate, Nathanael, Lex, Em, Tim C., and Steveo.

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