That smile filled me up like only love can.

Posted on December 6, 2007


My grandfather was in my dream last night. I and a few of my family members were cleaning out an attic so to turn it into a bonus room. I was alone in the attic–my mother and uncle were downstairs–when he suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. He was sitting in what looked something like a large rocking chair. He sat still in the chair watching me clean and move his things around the room. After a minute or two he started talking with me.

I didn’t want to sob on his shoulder about how I miss him and how he was going to be gone after a few minutes so after a couple of hugs I started updating him on my life, his kids, and the other grandkids. The whole time I talked about our family to him, he had this small smirk on his face. In fact, he was smiling almost the entire time he was in the room.

That smile filled me up like only love can.

Towards the end of the conversation he said something very encouraging to me about my education and my decisions about where I wanted to go with my life. I wish I could remember what exactly he said.

Why did he appear now? I don’t know.

If seeing him in a dream were some kind of gift, my Christmas would be complete.

I do know that any sadness I felt at the time melted away from his tranquil smile.