“Imagine if we were the Flintstones! This would be a very difficult situation.”

Posted on January 3, 2008


I used to love days like these because I could pretend that I was a dragon. I was a winter dragon; one of those arcane, beautiful cold weather dragons because I could breathe smoke when it was cold outside. I would wrap my enemies in frost, catch their feet in ice, and freeze their hearts to pieces. Once evil had been conquered I would go back to my cave in the mountain overlooking the small kingdom below and go into a deep summer hibernation while the people awaited my return the next winter.

I remember pretending I was a dragon as the steam fell from my mouth as a child, but I don’t remember the cold phazing me. It’s kind of funny how we clearly remember what games we played in our imagination as children but weather didn’t even start to take presidence. I wish I could still do that. Trust me! I’d rather be a dragon than notice the below zero temperature and fourteen inches of snow.

For some reason I am prone to panic. Panic is good when it is invoked at the proper time for the proper reasons, but other than that it’s very harmful to a human psyche. Doubt and panic go hand in hand. I’m not sure which I’m experiencing–I just know that I hate arguing with myself. I have to constantly remind myself that someone much bigger than me has everything under control and that the moment I ask for guidance He is right there in the other seat softly, gently giving directions.

I’ve been gone for a while. I didn’t post around Christmas because I didn’t quite know how to say what I wanted to (other than “Merry Christmas”). The same thing goes for New Years (again, other than “Happy New Years”).

So have a Merry late Christmas and a Happy late New Years! There’s more to come–it’s just still constructing itself in my mind.