Posted on January 31, 2008


So Bee in Bondi tagged me. I either have to come up with the 7 most infamous or famous people I have ever met, or 7 weird things about me. I’ll opt for the seven things since I’ve never met anyone famous.

1. I almost died at birth. The doctors noticed my heartbeat slowed down every time my mother had a contraction. The umbilical chord was wrapped around my neck and it got tighter with each contraction.

2. Late in the summer one of my favorite things to do is when I’m driving at night alone is to roll down all my windows and listen to swing music.

3. I have been to an anime convention. I’m not huge into manga or anime, but the subculture was fascinating! (I’m going again next year and a scifi convention sometime in the next month or two.)

4. I can’t eat if I feel like someone is watching me too closely during a meal.

5. I have a pet frog named Homer II. He’s an African Clawed Frog. I’m convinced he’s immortal. He’s either immortal or a prince stuck in a 7″ x 7″ x 7″ tank. Poor Homer.

6. I actually get excited when I can link to Wikipedia in a post. (Sigh. “You know you’re in the fishbowl when…”)

7. If something we are talking about reminds me of a song, I will more likely than not burst out in song.

I tag Melissa, M, Lauren, Ashley, and Frogpondsrock.

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