Posted on February 9, 2008


Morning was blue. She woke slowly, still wrapped like an unborn butterfly inbetween her overs. She opened her eyes. They were still drowning, her pupils were still rushing up through the water to the surface of conciousness. She lingered for a few minutes, but then she rose and walked over to the nearby clock. It had been frozen in sleep, but with a single touch from her finger it sprang to life and the day started moving.

I woke up easily the first morning. I made it to the dining hall for the leader’s meeting by 7:30am. Though on my way there, I couldn’t help but muse at how blue the morning sky was. Everything glowed blue like a dawn twilight. The thick blue light lasted for an hour or two, and then the sky eventually moved to its usual clean white color.

There were several inches of snow and it made the snow hill a trip to walk up, but in Connor’s words, “I found out that throwing snowballs at the people going down the hill was more fun than actually going down the hill itself.”

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