Winter Escape ’08

Posted on February 10, 2008


I slept where it was cold. My night was long moving quickly between waking and the depths of chilled slumber. I dreamt intensly with an ocean cold mind and a bloody and churning heart.

I went on a retreat with the kids I work with at my church. The entire weekend was a blast except the first night when I didn’t sleep well. I was having very vivid dreams but they were short and it seems like I woke up after each one. When waking up I either found myself having to get up and shut off a flashlight that had been carelessly left on, or picking my pillow up off the floor, or just generally have to rearrange my covers to reach both my shoulders and my feet.

Whether it was slaughtering the other team in Euchre, leading worship with Mr. Friday and Laura, getting whitewashed four times, sledding outside the dining hall, or just getting to hang out and grow together as a group, this weekend was awesome!

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