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Posted on February 12, 2008


Dear readers,

Lend me your ears for a moment, will you?

I’m going to talk marketing for a minute. (“Let’s talk marketing.“)

I have volunteered to be a part of writing a marketing book. Now, this is kind of weird considering that I am not a marketing consultant, I don’t work in marketing, and I don’t even have a marketing degree. I don’t write about marketing, advertising, or the business world.

So why would I volunteer to write in a marketing book?

Because in our twenty-first century society, marketing is absolutely key!

It doesn’t take a degree from Yale to recognize that our world is constantly changing. People today always have places to go, things to do, people to talk to, and if they don’t they at least pretend like they do. With the technological and political advances that happen minute by minute every single day, you have to be able to capture attention and advertise, promote, and support before the next text message comes in, the channel is flipped, the laptop is closed, or before our rubberband-attention-spans snap.

We live in a society where viral marketing has become an art. The up-and-coming generation has been raised through the MacWorld, YouTube, XBox, and text messaging. Even the people of this country as a whole and other first-world countries around the globe have become accustomed to instant communication, instant gratification, and instant networking. If you as a marketer cannot keep up with the way our technology has shaped our country you very rapidly fall to the sidelines.

This is why I feel that I have something to say about marketing and our world today. I am a product of the Millenial generation, and now being an adult in our country I have seen the failures, successes, and unsung marketing techniques and experiments even just by being a consumer.

I do not have a business blog, I am not a marketing consultant for a living, and I do not have a degree in either arenas, but marketing isn’t only about the business side of marketing. It’s about the consumer, the product, the money, the attention spans of the audience, the technique, the stories, the lessons from others, and the media put in front of our faces. It’s all about this huge process and idea we call marketing; from beginning to the end, from the spark inside someone’s brain, to the product or cause changing the world around them.

Marketing is everywhere. We eat, breathe, sleep, talk and work marketing everyday and so many don’t even recognize it. That is why conversation about marketing, and communication in this arena is so vital.

So why marketing?

Why don’t you tell me? Why don’t you tell them?

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