Happy What Day?

Posted on February 14, 2008



1. I found the perfect card

2. I found a DVD set he’s been wanting

3. I found it on sale!

4. I have someone to celebrate today with.

5. Jumper comes out today.

6. Valentine is a cool word.


1. It’s cold.

2. Why does everyone have to celebrate this on the same day?

3. Valentine’s Day is a holiday-wannabe. It’s like a very distant cousin that you only see at family reunions. You know the one; they are younger than you, are rather arrogant, and they absoutely refuse to leave you alone until the family get-together is over.

4. Card and gift botiques weird me out a little.

5. It’s a lose-lose situation for almost any party involved.

6. It’s over-rated.

7. It’s over-rated to say it’s over-rated.

8. The coffee I am drinking is overly bitter.

9. Number eight doesn’t count.

10. …Neither does number nine.

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