Shoot the Moon

Posted on February 17, 2008


Last night the boyfriend and I had dinner with the youth pastor at my church and his wife. She made some delicious chicken, and then after dinner we proceeded to play a few games of Sequence.

“This game makes enemies. Really fast.”

After the few games of Sequence, we broke out the milk and Oreos for dessert. Once we had our fill of Oreo-and-dairy-heavenliness, we started playing Hearts. We played for at least another two hours.

I was actually supposed to take a road trip today with a couple of friends, but it didn’t work out this weekend. And, you know, I’m okay with that. Tonight was very comfortable. I was able to really relax, take a break from my endlessly chattering brain, hang out, eat good food, and play Hearts.

Now that I think about it, I actually kind of needed an evening like that.

Just before I said goodnight to the boyfriend we were looking up at the sky through the moon roof in my car. The sky was incredibly clear. There were some stars out and the moon wasn’t quite full.

“You know why the moon’s not full right?”
“No. Why?”
“Because I shot it.”

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