Numerical Lineup for Wednesday

Posted on February 21, 2008


Interesting things about today:

1. The quote: “If you mistreat the dog, I will mistreat your face.”

2. Raw milk is amazing. Forget the watery stuff you buy at the store. I’ve been making this slow-ish move towards organic foods, and it’s getting better everyday. Before I started being into natural foods and such, I was totally the type that didn’t want to think about the whole health food movement. I mean, com’on, everyone knows that health food doesn’t even taste good, right? Oh man was I wrong! If you start eating pure, organic vegetables, and hormone-free meat, organic peanut butter, raw milk… It seriously just feels better to my body. My friend Tony classifies health food people as “crunchy people” after the way their eat crunchy granola.

3. A lunar eclipse! Last one ’til December of 2010. Though, unfortunately, it will be over by the time you’re reading this.

4. I found this site called Scribd. It’s basically an online document storage site. It’s not an online word processor like Zoho or Google, but it stores documents and allows you to display/distribute your documents digitally. The site is very clean looking, the document display is fantastic, there are tons of options and really cool features that any web guru will appreciate, and right on the front page there is a tag cloud that allows you to navigate to the document genre of your choice to browse what other users have uploaded.

5. I actually got stuck in the Screenplay section and found a sci-fi story to pour over for the next couple of days. It’s about 70 pages. I don’t know if it’s any good yet, but I’ll be sure to post a link if it is.

6. This week has felt very disproportional to most weeks. For some reason it’s felt slightly off-balance, and I unusually aware of how slowly or quickly time passes.

7. I wrote some lyrics this week. I think I’ll be posting them soon-ish.

8. I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday!

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