Hello Birdy

Posted on March 8, 2008


I haven’t posted much lately. It’s due to the fact that by the time I get around to having time to post I’m exhausted. That, and I can’t stand just posting to post. It irritates the creative purist in me.

I do know that two days ago I stepped out of my car and heard birds singing.

This absolutely made my day. Actually, my week.

Winter is so silent and the snow does a magnificent job of muffling and silencing all sound outside. I’m so used to getting out of my car at work in the mornings and feeling like someone hits the mute button until I enter the building.

But on Wednesday… I heard birds singing. I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing birds in the morning until I heard them again for the first time in several, long, cold months.

This is a wonderful time of year because it’s like the earth wakes from a deep sleep, and is starting to open its eye. Only a slit, and it will probably go back to sleep for a bit. (I can prove there’s a snooze button: we’ve had everything from 55 degree days to snowstorms this week.)

The awakening is upon us. Hello birdsong, and hello the first traces of a new season.

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