Tasty Metaphors

Posted on March 8, 2008


Sometimes it’s weird what small things we bother spending our negative energy on.

Now, I’m not completely above it myself and I’m not perfect. But sometimes I stand back listening to arguments and upsets and think, What? What are we arguing about again? Can someone please inform me on how this started?

For instance: cookies.

Everybody loves cookies. That’s fine that everybody love cookies. But to assume things of other people, assume that the other person is assuming something about the other person, get in under-the-surface arguments, instigate tension… What?

A couple of solutions:

1. Um, stop?

2. When anyone asks for a cookies, grant them one as long as each individual in the household gets the same amount at the same time as the person who asks. Makes it fair and rationed.

3. Get rid of the cookies.

Bingo, problem solved.

It doesn’t matter how expensive they are or how tasty they may be; they aren’t worth the ensuing disharmony among members of a household.

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