Dear April 3rd

Posted on April 3, 2008


I didn’t know there were such things as getting splinters from cactuses. But, ow, I know now.

My sister and I have decided that we need to mount a video camera onto my dashboard. We’d be YouTube starlets because of the conversations we have.

“And you’d be like ‘WHOA!’ And I’d be like ‘Yeah!’ You’d say ‘Haley I’m so impressed with your musical tastes,’ and I’d be like ‘Why thank you, I heard this and thought of you,’ and then we’d be best friends forever!”
“Wait, we’re not best friends forever already?”
“Well… We are… It’d just solidify it.”
“Oh, right. We were best friends forever but now we’re bestest friends forever and ever. I mean, until–“
“Until I’m eighty and deaf and instant message you in all caps.”

In other news, I’m about to take a hiatus. (Heh, not that I haven’t sort of taken one already this week, as one reader pointed out.) I have a good reason for this one. I’m headed south to Florida and then onto a giant boat that’ll whisk me away for a week.

For all of you who are still suffering in freak snowstorms and less than fifty-degree weather, I promise I’ll bring some sunshine back for you.

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