The Rest

Posted on April 28, 2008


The world is indeed flat. I can tell you this because I’m sitting on the edge of it. My boat is riding just off from the edge as we run parallel to the cliff of the earth. It’s the place where sea and sky become one and eventually the darkness swallows anything nearby in its insatiable and endless hunger.

I feel somewhat like an astronaut. The only difference is, is in space there would be no sound and there’d be no water at the edge of their ship.

I stared at one star near what I thought I could make out as the horizon. I stared at it long enough that I almost could see the earth tilting. When you’re sitting in the middle of a forest or in a backyard during the day and you can feel the earth moving, it’s incredible and fascinating. At night on the sea… It’s absolutely terrifying.

While leaning on the glass railing of the balcony, all I could think was “That’s the rest of the universe and I’m looking straight into it.” How do we not go around with the fear that one of these days gravity will lose its grip and we’ll all just fall into that huge expanse?

On nights like these I find the sky to be less like a ceiling and more like a nothingness–a huge expanse that we’re inside.

It’s this huge, dark, silent and roaring space and we’re just a little strip of land floating inside of it.

It made me want to grip the arm of my chair harder.

It’s absolutely awe-striking and completely terrifying.

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