Chandelier Rising

Posted on May 2, 2008


And what if I want to be out adventuring at one in the morning? It doesn’t even have to be with anyone. I wish I wasn’t constrained by sleepiness or a disgusting head and chest cold. I’m just in love with the idea of being out, walking on the hushed streets on a cool May evening like this. Light runs along the sidewalks and plazas like rivers and small creeks. It rushes over edges and trickles across intersections and flows quietly along the edges of the road while we all sleep. I want to follow it and pursue it even into the deepest corners of the morning. I suppose eventually I would either be swallowed into darkness that not even the water-like light will touch, or the streams of leaking man-made light would be drown by the light gushing from the sky from a pale yellow heavenly chandelier rising in the east.

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