Jetlag Blue

Posted on May 17, 2008


I know I should be sleeping but I’ve found myself with this desperate need to create. I’ve been taking life in like a drunk takes down alcohol. I went for almost two weeks where every single moment was as strong and powerful as the moment before it and everyday I learned new lessons.

Maybe everyone else has more sense than I do and I’m just the naive child looking around with eyes like Delft blue plates like I just woke to life up this morning.

I feel like the steering wheel of my life has been turned and I am now headed into a life that is not going to go how anyone planned.

The remaining jetlag has laced its fingers into my mind and I’m struggling to stay awake.

I was already feeling nauseous that night but then once the light-headedness started creeping up my neck combined with the overly warm air around me, I knew I had to sit down soon. I knelt down and moved closer to the pair of feet behind me. I pulled my knees up to my chest and let my eyes lazily hang, looking through the railing of the balcony at the concert venue. Clarity was coming back to me with every second I remained on the floor. Looking up I saw towers and faces staring out above me at the stage, and I remember hearing the bass through the floor. It shook the balcony I was sitting on and it felt like the earth was waking up from a deep sleep.

The music poured into and filled my ears like water. I felt Sleep try to take over my consciousness but I held onto the rumbling and shivering bass notes reverberating through the floorboards like anchors.

I tied myself to the wheel and sailed through the restless sea of sound.

Maybe people choose not to feel things deeply simply because they don’t want to stay up until the early hours of the morning rambling about Delft blue chinaware and concerts that had the dynamics of an ocean.

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