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Movable Type Hair

June 27, 2008


Dooce + Twitter = Movable Type Hair Advertisements


June 25, 2008


If legend has it that you use a rain stick to bring rain storms, do they have brain sticks to bring brainstorms? Dear Brain, I’m sorry that I sometimes misspell your name as “Brian”. I know you’re dying to stretch those creative muscles and that I have been giving you no time to do that. […]

I love

June 25, 2008


Chocolate milk. What’s one of the simple pleasures that brighten your day?


June 23, 2008


The streetlights running along the canals were fireflies floating around us. The silent amber lights were fountains that washed us away. I could attempt to make pannekoekens and couscous for everyone in the room and the twenty of us would watch your low-budget Dutch movies in the quietness of a random living room like the […]

The Concert Hall

June 19, 2008


My car is the perfect concert hall. In the mornings on my way to work, I sail along in my venue on the freeway and sing my heart out to my audience pretending to be Eilen Jewell or Brett Dennen’s counterpart. In the afternoons in traffic I’m on the dance floor with my boy dancing […]

Above Audible

June 16, 2008


Maybe we have been lost in a book. The question now is who is the author. The lightning tonight was like a lighter that never really took flame and yet refused to run out of fuel. It was like a story that starts to be told but then is forgotten before the story ends. An […]


June 15, 2008


I hate the feeling of needing to use art and create something and not being able to. I have so much to say and yet my words are blurred somewhere between wondering if I’m just the irrational child or wondering if anyone would care if I opened my mouth. I’m shocked at how I’m still […]