The toes of a butterfly

Posted on June 4, 2008


Today is the third day of rain in a week or so. It wasn’t pouring rain like last night but there was a liberal spread of fog and mist that clung to every curve of my body as I walked out into the parking lot. It’s been grey and pleasantly dark most of the day. It’s the perfect setting for me to sit in my unlit living room with a bowl of Cheerios and write.

I went to Walmart this afternoon to pick up some groceries. I still don’t understand how we have enough food and enough agricultural demand to fill one of those huge super centers and yet we don’t care or can’t seem to find enough resources to help feed people that actually need it. They need food in their bellies and we need less variety.

We’re disgusting.

There was a couple in the parking lot at Walmart with a little girl who couldn’t be older than two. The mother brought a cart over to their van and the father brought the little girl over in his arms. As they were getting her situated in the cart their faces were lit up with smile and they had been laughing the whole time.

I was very close to literally walking up to them and thanking them for laughing. It was the life-breath that I needed at that very moment.

Even though today has been a bit dreary and despite my feel overwhelmed at the fact that I feel like a disgusting pig for even walking into one of the superstores for the latter part of the day, I received a text message this afternoon that brightened my day:

“I miss you, my hobbit-toed butterfly.”

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