Posted on June 13, 2008


I feel like there is too much emphasis on my schedule. When we speak, I know it’s going to come up and it will more likely than not be the bulk of our conversation. When you are only talking to me about my calendar and not about how I am or how my life is going, I sometimes feel like you aren’t listening.

I know it’s your way of trying to stay connected to my life and where I am and where I’m going… But I desperately don’t want to be defined in your head by my daytimer.

It makes me feel small.

So, if you’d like to hear from me more often… Maybe… You could… Ask me how I am? And I don’t mean the hihowareyou’s at the beginning of conversations.


I know this is kind of weird hearing this from my keyboard, but I didn’t know how to say this up until now, and I am fifteen times better with words on paper than I am letting them sky dive out of my mouth.

[Ridiculous me.]

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