Posted on June 25, 2008


If legend has it that you use a rain stick to bring rain storms, do they have brain sticks to bring brainstorms?

Dear Brain,

I’m sorry that I sometimes misspell your name as “Brian”.

I know you’re dying to stretch those creative muscles and that I have been giving you no time to do that. I’ve watched and listened to enough TED and Pop!Tech seminars to make the creative side of you stir-crazy.

I haven’t worked on my book in months. I have a playscript in progress that has been sorely ignored. I could probably reawake the fishing village in the back of my mind called “Poetry” if I only gave myself time to read more of it. I read a little bit by the poolside the a couple of weeks back, but that’s the most creative I’ve been in months.

Consider this my formal apology, and I am going to do my best to remedy this discrepancy.



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