Posted on July 25, 2008


The difference between an average movie watcher, a writer, and someone with an overactive imagination:

An average movie watcher:

While at lunch, notices that there is a guy who looks like Daniel Craig’s James Bond sitting two tables away.

A writer:

Notices that besides herself, the Bondman, and the man Bond is talking to, there is no one else eating in the porch of the restaurant. Glances around room looking for hidden cameras in the restaurant and sees that there aren’t any. Thinks to self, “You know, this would be a great place for some kind of action sequence.” Thinks about possible storylines for the perfect action scene in a movie.

Someone with an overactive imagination:

Pays for her meal and the proceeds to leave the restaurant, but not before shooting the Bondman a look that says, “Hey, don’t you try anything. I’ve got a Leatherman Sidekick in my purse and I’m not afraid to use it! Let me leave the restaurant before you prove why your name is James Bond to the business man you’re talking to.”

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