What’s Left of Hide and Seek

Posted on September 3, 2008


I went out into the parking lot after work and started walking to the other end of it towards my car.

The sunny and humid summer day had rapidly wrapped itself up into dark rain clouds and the air was full of electricity.

It was going to rain soon.

It was the same feeling of when you play hide and seek. You run through the house in your bare feet grinning and collapse behind a door or in a closet. The voice down the hallway says “8… 9… 10…”

And then there’s that moment.

That moment between the last number and when you hear the first creak of the floor. That moment where you are gulping air because of adrenaline but the moment where you want your heart to quit thumping so loud.

It’s the silence.

That moment where your entire existence is pointing to this moment and hanging onto it for dear breath.

I hurried to my car and got in. I left the parking lot and drove up to the corner and within twenty seconds the sky started to pour itself out.

The first drops on the windshield.

The groan of the wooden floor.

It’s raining.

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