Pens ready and notebooks out.

Posted on September 30, 2008


Ran to Walmart tonight at 11:30pm to get a notebook.

I told myself not to go there ever again after eight o’clock ever again because the store is like a shiny but gaping hole filled with the occasional creepy guy and college girl who is dressed in basketball pants and a sweatshirt buying a pregnancy test and a box of oatmeal cookies.

I’m a writer by trade; so I tend to horde notebooks. And yet tonight to my chagrin I found that I didn’t have a single empty one to use for class in the morning.

I went to Walmart, got my notebook and a couple of pens. I have a map of the building and my parking pass. I might just be okay.

If I don’t get lost in the one-building campus.

I just recently transferred to a new college, so I have been through my fair share of college classes already… So could someone tell me why this feels like the first day of school all over again?

I mean, I almost freaked out because I didn’t have a box of #2 pencils with me in the checkout lane.

Someone help me.

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