Pros / Cons

Posted on October 16, 2008


I feel mostly bad about posting only complaining lists. And I also feel kind of weird about posting only happy and sunshiny lists. So today, my dear readers, I am going to do both.

Because I feel like it.

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Con: Cold weather outside and all of my sweatshirts were missing from my closet.
Pro: Not having to park too far from the building, so minimal shivering.

Con: Staying up til 5am finishing a paper I thought would be simpler that it actually was.
Pro: Having someone to talk to that late to keep me awake.

Con: Only getting three hours of sleep.
Pro: Despite the fact that I had unconciously shut off my alarms, my body was still able to wake me up at 8am with plenty of time to get ready and out the door.

Con: Finishing a paper the night before, I couldn’t print it out.
Pro: College library! Printers! Yay!

Con: Forgot a granola bar to eat between classes, so I was having very loud hunger pangs during the last half of my marketing class.
Pro: I had my water bottle with me and my professor was talking loud enough that no one could tell.

Con: Not knowing how to study for the first test.
Pro: Scoring the highest out of the entire classroom anyways because I (apparently) understood the material even though I wasn’t feeling confident.

Con: …There isn’t one.


What’s your pro/con list for the day?

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