The Last Box!

Posted on October 30, 2008


I officially unpacked the last box at my apartment!

Well, not really a box. It was a suitcase.

I’ve lived in this area of town for almost six months, and yet somehow there was a suitcase full of last minute things like photo albums, an extra pair of shoes, misc. papers, and a few of my shirts still left in my trunk.

I swear, it’s been sitting in there for three months.

My father so graciously gave me a printer out of the fleet that he has in his collection of all things computer related, so I found a place for the printer on the table at the end of my bed. I used the box to reorganize underneath my bed and then had room for everything in the suitcase in my trunk. So, I brought it in and unloaded it.

Last box.

I think I should throw a party.

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