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Here’s to Momentum

December 30, 2008


Tonight after coming out of the apartment I felt like I had walked into a movie. The wind had that perfect sing, strong and threatening gusts, and the scent that it carried was of a creeping spring and a beginning. The long stalks of brown grass in the field in front of my car whispered […]


December 28, 2008


I was in the shower. I had received a phone call only minutes before that for all intents and purposes had thrown my morning into the garbage disposal. I could feel the stress I had been desperately trying to avoid creeping up the stalk of my neck. I rehearsed the next conversation. I replayed the […]

All I wanted was NyQuil.

December 23, 2008


My boyfriend and I were at his apartment watching the Giants football game. I don’t know much about football, but it’s becoming more and more a part of the holiday season for me, so it’s comfortable to have a game on when we’re together. My boyfriend started losing his voice early in the day, and […]

Anticipation, heartbeat

December 19, 2008


It’s the waiting, expecting. The little cynics inside us sneer and say that we’ll only get a dusting of snow, when in reality we’re all expecting to wake up tomorrow to find a world that’s white and blank. A foot of snow forecasted for overnight, and it’s not even snowing yet at 2am. But I […]

Your dream, my dream! We all scream if it’s… not.

December 17, 2008


I’m really tired of living everyone else’s dreams. I’m tired of walking into the office on Monday morning and having to check to make sure my mascara looks good and I’m wearing the right shoes. I’m tired of making sure everyone is hearing what they want to hear out of the conversation. I don’t want […]

Just say it to me.

December 10, 2008


We are all too good to be true anyways.

Terminal Clock

December 7, 2008


I’m sitting along the wall at a gate in the new terminal. It’s early December and I’m at the airport on a dark Thursday night. The concourse stretches out in front of me and behind me like a never-ending hallway. I can hear the mid-pitch hum of the moving walkways that run down the middle […]