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Love Comes Bearing Tissues, Pt. 2

February 26, 2009


Continued from here. It was an early evening in late July. The sun was pouring onto my street, into the house and seeping into the yard. It was warm outside and I was with three of my closest friends, S.D., my boyfriend at the time, my best friend, Hannah, and her boyfriend, Alex. Hannah and […]

Love Comes Bearing Tissues

February 24, 2009


It was 5:20pm on Monday evening. I was cleaning up my desk at work and was getting ready to leave for the night. I wrapped up my headphones, put my iPod away, and then grabbed my phone. Just as I was putting in my purse I felt a drip in my nose. I froze and […]

Oh Porcupine!

February 23, 2009


Oh porcupine You call another “prickly” and “thorny” But forget your own spines And porcupine Why would you assign Fatal words To one of your own kind?”

Love is

February 17, 2009


Love is still cuddling with me after I projectile sneeze and get snot all over the blanket when I’m sick. Love is remembering to get grilled, not crispy chicken, on salads. Love is knowing he will still be crazy about me whether I wore my cutest outfit or whether I didn’t have time to shower […]

A Noiseless, Patient Spider

February 10, 2009


As artists we learn to love that we sell our souls to our art. That’s because our art is our soul. It’s the fruit on the branches of the trees, the petals on the edge of the flower. My writing, your photographs, your songs, your paintings, and anything else that you create: It’s our soul […]