A Noiseless, Patient Spider

Posted on February 10, 2009


As artists we learn to love that we sell our souls to our art.
That’s because our art is our soul.
It’s the fruit on the branches of the trees,
the petals on the edge of the flower.
My writing, your photographs, your songs, your paintings, and anything else that you create:
It’s our soul on paper, in the melody being carried by a voice, in the colors that bleed off the canvas into the rest of the world.
When it comes out of us it takes a life that it might not have had locked up inside of us.

“The fish swims in the sea, well the sea is in a certain sense contained within the fish. Oh, what am I to think, what writing of a thousand lifetimes could not explain if all the forest trees were pens and the oceans ink?” (“The Dryness and the Rain” written by MewithoutYou)

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