Love is

Posted on February 17, 2009


Love is still cuddling with me after I projectile sneeze and get snot all over the blanket when I’m sick. Love is remembering to get grilled, not crispy chicken, on salads. Love is knowing he will still be crazy about me whether I wore my cutest outfit or whether I didn’t have time to shower because I woke up late and just threw on a sweatshirt.

Love is when there was 10″ of snow on the ground and I was without a cell phone to let him know I didn’t end up in a ditch, he said “Tell me exactly which roads you’re taking to get home and if I don’t hear from you in forty minutes, I’m coming to find you.”

Love is not being mad after a nosebleed interrupts dinner and movie plans on Valentine’s Day. Love is rushing me to an urgent care center after the bloody nose won’t stop gushing. Love is sitting with me in the waiting room. Love is not shying away from me during it all.

Love is spending three hours on the phone to fight it out. Love is sacrificing sleep to talk out our deepest fears. Love is being able to trust each other to tell all the stories we keep hidden inside. Love is saying sorry followed by ten hugs.

Love is laughing at me when I wear leggings, when I hiccup, when I jump during scary movies, when I steal a sweatshirt or pajama pants from his closet, when I use lots of creamer in my coffee, when I try and fail miserably at video games, and when I trip on my own logic. Love is being able to laugh with each other for no apparent reason. Love is kisses on the forehead.

Love is pep talks and hugs and kisses before difficult conversations. Love is not shaving his beard until I got home from Europe safely to show an outward sign of support and commitment. Love is teaching me little by little with every game about football. Love is not huffing when I don’t understand football. Love is offering to make a second stop because he knows I don’t like Taco Bell.

Love is defending me. Love is yanking me out of harm’s way in a mosh pit. Love is protecting me. Love is telling me the truth and being completely vulnerable in honesty. Love is being completely afraid of the unknown future but hanging on to each other anyways. Love is taking a chance.


I love you.

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