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[1] Laughing Steel

March 28, 2009


I’m wilting a little. But not for long. Hundreds of tiny birds swarm peacefully in their flocks around the stoplights. The tree frogs and bullfrogs are awake and are singing again in the swamps and the sunlight is bursting into our Saturdays. The rain is getting warmer. Any hint of smoke in the air throws […]

Ava Marie

March 27, 2009


But I want to know why you miss me. Because you’re sending me mixed signals and confusing all the sense out of me. Because I think there might have been more going on and I didn’t even know it. Because you sent me a picture of your newborn little girl, and even though she is […]

Nothin’ but a Ragdoll

March 15, 2009


Because I worry. It’s like even after I take time to quiet the chattering inside my own head, I still have a fist gripping my stomach and fingers creeping up the back of my neck to tell me something isn’t right. Or that I’m not perfect enough to sit down just yet. Worry has it’s […]

Black and White Ants

March 13, 2009


Even the cakes and black ants cannot contain the messes we’ve made for ourselves. I spend hours in the kitchen baking cakes of red anger and black silk using white knots of worry as frosting. I’d hold your hand and play ring-around-the-rosy but we’re just spinning in circles in spinning in circles in spinning in […]