[2] To Measure in Color

Posted on April 2, 2009


Because everything tonight is measured in pink and white. Pink and white, blue and white, or maybe purple. An occasionally green filling the room, drop by drop. The electronic beats shake the walls, shake my knees. “You’re all alone over here.” Yes sir, and that’s how I want it to be. I know you watched me most of the night, and that’s why I danced quietly, not as loudly as I would have if I had known you weren’t there. Songs about American Divorce and American Girlfriends made our ears ring but fills our souls up for an evening. “I’ll be driving nuclear submarines before I’m 24.” Just don’t blow them up, American Man.

Because tonight everything is measured in red and white. For the girl that doesn’t watch the weather channel and ends up cleaning the snow off her car in sandals. For the girl who had her first ultrasound too early, at a small age of 16 to make sure her heart was still in one piece. “Just to make sure, just to make sure.” Just to make sure the chest that is coiled so tightly isn’t constricting her red heart. The traffic lights on the way home bled onto the windshield.

Because tonight is measured in black and white. We’ll let the music rattle the white flecks of our bones while we stand under the blacklights. I’ll make a pretty wallflower and you’ll keep your eyes to yourself. He’ll drive his submarines and you’ll just drum your arms into the floor.

(Number 2)

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