[6] Drown from New Heartache

Posted on April 9, 2009


I thought I was mad at you for not getting things done, but really I just felt scared and that you weren’t there for me when I needed you.

I thought my feelings for you were small and rooted in a companionship found over turkey pitas and little Greek coney islands. Even after the note that you left for me on my windshield on a rainy August afternoon that looked like a fairy tale, and months of weekly lunches, I didn’t hear from you for a month and then you call me and tell me you’re marrying her instead. And to top it off, you sent me a picture of your newborn little girl last week.

I thought that after you quietly admitted a dark past to me, you would have wisdom I could lean on. But what I thought was going to be a “let’s catch up” lunch turned into you stomping all over the trust I placed in you.

I thought they were all stories, just stories. But maybe they’re more than that and I haven’t been listening to you. (And the crows have taken their seats, better in red.)

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