[7] A High of 65 Degrees and an 80% Chance of Peace

Posted on April 12, 2009


weather-whetherThe beautiful thing about seasons is that we forget what the next one is like. With the breaking of winter comes a moment, even if only a moment, when everything feels right. There’s a full moon and the clouds are tiptoeing through the expanse. There is a fabric of fog clinging to the fields. The air is thick, but warm, and the breeze that washes through the parking lot carries a long and lost and familiar rediscovery of comfort.

It is Peace manifested in the weather. And we wonder, Why aren’t things always this sweet? We forget that even though summer short, hot, and blazing in August, the season of too much feels like a godsend against the season of too little.

A spark of faith flashes at the thought that it will not always be winter. There is hope in the moving, in the passing, in the changing. And that’s why that one day, hanging in between seasons on the calendars in our kitchens, matters. That day, filled with the taste of spring on our lips, gives us enough life to plunge back into the cold for a few less weeks.

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