[10] Steep Away

Posted on May 5, 2009


He said she smells like rose hips and mint and when I’m around her I’m completely lost… And lost indeed because we’re afloat, sitting on a canoe in the ocean with a Union Jack burning above us and all of the stars are pushing their light through the Milky Way to howl at us and our flag on fire. She said the weather in his mind is always stormy and I’m afraid he’ll never see the sunlight in me, “but how can I tell him that when I told our own city to swirl with rain and be swollen with static?” You see the rain fall to the concrete or on the hoods of our sweatshirts. Maybe you see stars or maybe you see the left over tears that we threw at the ceiling that are coming down on our heads. The girl that smells like roses fell asleep while she was boiling water for tea, but you know it’s waiting for you, waiting for you. Turn off the stove and steep (sleep) away.

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