In Defense of Twitter

Posted on December 29, 2009


I was recently on a wave in Google Wave peculating about the future of technology and where it is going into 2010. Two of the replys were as follows:

“Twitter is terrible. I can not get into that thing. It is a waste of time.”

“Yeah, things like Twitter for communication are such a waste of time when you could be hunting-gathering or the like. Oh wait, technology moved us past that. Let me tweet this realization.”

Here is my response and my take on Twitter:

It’s not just about tweeting what you ate for lunch, just using it like Facebook statuses, or anything like that. It’s the place to put those things that you think about that you have no one to tell. And then you realize there are thousands of people out there thinking the same types of things as you are. And then you make friends, and laugh with each other, and read interesting links, find undiscovered resources within each other, crowdsource, and discover humanity all over again. It’s not a waste of time. People are far more interesting that you think they are; all you have to do is take a few moments to listen.

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