Mysteries of the Universe and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted on June 17, 2010


My house is quiet and dark. The BHE (best husband ever) went to bed with a headache, so I am in the kitchen waiting on chocolate chip cookies to bake. They may or may not turn out. The baking gods have been kind of generous with me lately, so perhaps the fact that I substituted a stick of butter with some oil won’t ruin everything. (I really just didn’t want to put in a full stick and a half. Seemed like a bit much.) My oven is a little wonky, so I may be here for a little while.

I just spent a paragraph telling you about ingredients. Why waste my time with such trivial things? But that’s the weird part–all these things matter to me. It’s not like I was able to appreciate the sublime and cast off the trivial things, but now they suddenly matter to me. Like the new couches we got this weekend from my previous roommates. While our old couch was quite uncomfortable, I still didn’t think the couches would do so much for my mental space. I feel like I can breathe, relax, and finally stop freaking out at the thought that we just did all this unpacking and we will have to repack again (in two years, which will feel like months). It’s just kind of bizarre.

I’m experiencing the life I’ve kind of always wanted. Just married, a great new place to live, and doing all the domestic things I’m supposed to do. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon, but for now will all the new kitchen things at my disposal and a desire to make things with my own hands, it’s really been wonderful.

My mom just did all sorts of things in the kitchen because she knew how. Like making mashed potatoes. I tried to make them tonight, and they mostly turned out except for the fact that I don’t have an official masher, and I was too hasty with the last round of boiling, leaving some of the potatoes slightly undercooked. Also? How to steam broccoli. I have an asparagus pot, perfect for steaming other vegetables. The last night I over steamed it until it turned yellow, and tonight I under steamed it. I’ll try a few more times to see if I can finally unlock the secret to perfectly steaming broccoli.

The mysteries of the universe that I have been pondering lately:

1. How do dishwashers actually clean things? I’m not sure how a spinny foutain thing can get off what I can’t with my scrubbie. It seems like magic.

2. Parking garages. Incredibly efficient, and yet I can’t seem to wrap my brain around how they are actually structured.

3. Graduations. Millions of high schoolers have graduated before, millions will graduate later. How are we still fascinated with these things? I mean, I understand it’s a great accomplishment, but it makes you feel really small and silly when you realize that the 600-kid graduation ceremony is just one of a dozen high schools in the county with their own graduates, and those are only a tiny fraction of the thousands of other schools across the country all having their own ceremonies. And this happens every 12 months? Exhausting.

4. The weird feeling I got at the Tiger’s game the other night. I felt like I was watching a set of miniatures playing out a game in front of me. It never quite feels real. I’m also continually impressed at how well of an oiled machine Comerica Park is. They have thousands of people come, the whole of downtown Detroit locks up because of the crowds and parking several nights a week, and yet it is continually successful and runs easily. Amazing.

I think the cookies are done. We’ll see if the batter held together or if I just made another Almost Great Dish.