The Day Before My Wedding: Part I

Posted on April 29, 2011


I didn’t blog much about my wedding. I couldn’t really work up the energy to turn my journal into a glittering wedding blog, and I found more satisfaction in the emotional transitions of getting married to where posting about the logistical details fell low on my list of things to do. Now being over a year after the fact, I can finally relish in some of my favorite details, and some of my favorite things that I ignored or neglected to plan.

I’ll write about my Star Trek proposal some other time, but for now I’m going to start at the rehearsal. The day of my rehearsal I spent the entire day running around. It was not relaxing, which was the opposite of what I wanted. My plan was to: wake up early, finish packing up the last few things from where I was living in Royal Oak, drive up to Auburn Hills and unpack those things into my soon-to-be apartment, and then go out and have a nice, romantic pre-wedding breakfast with my husband-to-be. After that I would be going to get a mani-pedi from a place in Rochester with my mom, sister and their respective best friends. After my fingers and toes were properly polished for my nuptials, I was going to meet my bridesmaids and women from my family that were in town and get a giant Italian lunch. I would hang out for a bit, pick up my flowers and then head down to my rehearsal in plenty of time.

Well, I started my day off with a bang by sleeping in late.


I woke up in a panic because I was supposed to Auburn Hills to meet my fiancé for breakfast in a half hour. When I went to pack up the car I discovered that I actually had more to bring than expected and it would probably take two car trips instead of the assumed one.

This is the morning before my wedding. I’ve kept it together really well up until this moment. This is the one day I was supposed to get right. I had wall-to-wall things planned all day and just a half hour of extra sleep was going to throw a wrench in the entire plan. I called my fiancé completely panicking. “It’s okay,” he said. “I’ll come there and help you finish packing up and then we’ll get breakfast down there.” He is a saint.

We finished packing and then went off to find breakfast. The Maple Café that we had gone to for my birthday that year had mysteriously closed, so we found this adorable place in Berkley to eat. The staff was incredibly nice to us. We were one of the first people there so they shuffled us in and sat us down in the small but cozy dining room. We told them we were getting married in the morning and they congratulated multiple times throughout the whole time we were there. And then I got the best French toast I’d had in a long time!

This, in retrospect was the best thing about my messed up day. I was able to relax and let go of the stress of not making it to all my appointments. I was able to focus and be in the moment and truly relish in being out for a delicious breakfast with the love of my life that I was about to wed. Also, the fact that my fiance was so understanding that morning completely changed the tone of my day. Had he also freaked out or been short with my, it would have been an all out brawl of chaos.

By this time my schedule was completely out of whack, but I didn’t care because I was having a great time with my fiancé and enjoying our last morning together as an unmarried couple. After we got done with breakfast we ran back up to the apartment to unpack quickly and then I went to Luv to meet up with the girls for mani-pedis. Since my schedule got thrown off, I was too late to get my nails done. It was only a few minutes before the big lunch at Olive Garden with all the females. So I just sat in the massage chair and watched everyone else having a good time with their pseudo flip-flops that kept their toes apart to keep the polish from smudging.

When I went to the same place to get a mani-pedi with my sister right after my one-year anniversary, they were shocked that I didn’t make time to get my nails done. It actually made me a little bit sad. It was my day and I didn’t try to find a way to treat myself to pretty nails for the biggest day of my life up until this point. I hardly ever wear nail polish, so at the time I waved it off by telling everyone it was no big deal and that it would almost be out of character to wear nail polish, which wouldn’t work for my simplicity/self-expressive wedding theme. But looking back, I’m actually kind of sad about this. (And I know it’s my own fault, please shut up.) In a few weeks I’ll be over it.

Since I had barely digested my delicious breakfast by the scheduled lunch, I didn’t even really eat anything at my own luncheon. I munched on some bruschetta (which is good at almost any time of day), a breadstick or two and then resigned from trying to shove yummy Italian food into my already full stomach.

To make the afternoon even more interesting, since I didn’t have a bachelorette party, my mother took it upon herself to have everyone at lunch buy me something fun to wear for my honeymoon. (That’s all I’m going to say about that because it only gets more awkward from here, although I was very grateful for all of the gifts from my ever-generous friends and family!)

After the fun non-lunch luncheon, I left and picked up my flowers from Kroger. Yes, Kroger. When scouting for good prices to go with my $3,000 wedding budget, I found that not only were my favorite flowers (carnations) very inexpensive and hearty flowers, but that I could also get them at a good price at Kroger. So, I picked up my 4 dozen pink and white carnations and went back to the apartment to get ready to go to my rehearsal.

Somehow silly enough to read on? Part II is here.

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