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Fish Bones

July 6, 2011


Fish bones. Tiny, translucent fish bones a third of the length of a toothpick refused to separate themselves from the grilled perch on my plate. After the second or third attempt to not swallow them, I abandoned the fish for the green beans and hoped that the bones wouldn’t perforate my intestines in my sleep. […]

“Clear”, was all I could say.

November 9, 2009


Sitting in the restaurant that poses as the town centre You eyes are now a forest on the eastern seaboard Clarity, growing like sound


November 6, 2008


It’s summer in the fall this week. The painted and dying leaves sound as sharp as ever and the sun is heating the ground in the afternoons. Someone told me in a diagram scribbled on the paper covering the table at the steakhouse we went to that I deal with people like mathematics. It’s not […]