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I bromes you.

May 30, 2008


I have to apologize for not paying more attention to my blog and my readers. <stream of conciousness> I’ve got stories to tell and pictures to post from Amsterdam. I’ve got lots to talk about the timing of events in my life lately. I have new-born passions and new ambition that is coming into view […]

Jetlag Blue

May 17, 2008


I know I should be sleeping but I’ve found myself with this desperate need to create. I’ve been taking life in like a drunk takes down alcohol. I went for almost two weeks where every single moment was as strong and powerful as the moment before it and everyday I learned new lessons. Maybe everyone […]

Home is only so close and only so far away.

May 16, 2008


Two days ago our plane touched down on American soil once again. Re-entry has been interesting to say the least. I find my American life rather pig-ish which is entirely frustrating. The trip has brought around a reignition of fire inside me and a reformation of self. You’ll hear stories and see pictures soon enough; […]

Goede alvont!

May 7, 2008


Apparently I so rudely left the blogosphere out of the loop. Remember how I mentioned that I was going to Amsterdam in May? Well, I’m here! I’ll be here til Tuesday. Talk to you all then! Dewey!

Chandelier Rising

May 2, 2008


And what if I want to be out adventuring at one in the morning? It doesn’t even have to be with anyone. I wish I wasn’t constrained by sleepiness or a disgusting head and chest cold. I’m just in love with the idea of being out, walking on the hushed streets on a cool May […]